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where did the time go?

so much time so little to do

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G E N E R A L . I N F O

I use this journal to rant about anything and everything. When I don't rant about real life, I most likely will FLAIL about the awesome 5 that is Arashi. Sakurai Sho was born for fangirls like me to absolutely adore ♥ And he joins forces with Jun to make my brain melt. Yes, Sakumoto definitely needs more exposure (for my sake ;p). I got deeply into the fandom in 2007 and fell out of it after roughly a year. I'm trying to stay updated now in 2010-2011. I'm very sad to say that I lost most of my flist that seems to have left too around the same time I did. So new friends are always welcome. Old friends, good times :)

(content below are not updated)


It may not seem obvious but I am in love with Arashi :D I'm also very new to this fandom and I'm enjoying my stay very much <3 Arashi itself is PURE LOVE but this fandom! So many people providing Arashi goodies!! :D I remember from just stalking youtube, to finding these lovely communities and still with the stalking, and only downloading things that have subs, downloading only things I have NOT seen in youtube... to actually downloading RAW episodes AND stuff I've seen before in youtube, and still manage to enjoy them even though I have no idea what's going on most of the times, and fill my computer with Arashi downloadables untill I have very little to no space left. And of course I'm sure I don't have even have half of half of half of half of all the pretty scans and videos that are out there. Eek.

Asian dramas are also a part of life XD I haven't watch as much as I used to. But man, if you find a good one, it really sucks you in huh? If I'm really into a drama I'll try to watch it all in one sitting or two. Ah~ dramas are great really, they can make you cry a bucket, pull your hair out, scream, laugh out loud, wish the evil people would die a horrible painful slow death, and all that great stuff <3 And of course dramas are alot more entertaining if it has hot guys, no? ;P My first asian drama EVER.. Meteor Garden XD I also like Full House and Hana Yori Dango to name a few.

Another love is anime! One of my first love in life. Although to be honest I've been neglecting anime for my new love that is Arashi :x My favorites are Doraemon :D, Crayon Shinchan XD, Card Captor Sakura, Rocky Rackat [I swear.. NO ONE has heard of this anime T__T, it's Doraemon-ish, about a magical cat and very funny], Sailor Moon XDD, Wedding Peach [yes.. I love these kinds of anime], Rozen Maiden/Traumend, Aishiteruze Baby, Ouran High School Host Club <333, Rurouni Kenshin, Dragonball Z [the only one I was ever obsessed with] and Fruits Basket. Me: anime > manga :p

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...there are many more, but honestly I've forgot. and most of the brushes/textures I got was from 4-5 years ago (no joke), links are dead anyway. complain to me if you see me using your stuff and not crediting.