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where did the time go?
so much time so little to do
8th-Nov-2012 12:31 pm(no subject)
arashi loves rainbows
i'm sort of really stressed out.
6th-Sep-2012 12:44 pm - I'm scared
arashi loves rainbows

like really scared. I'm anxious all the time. I need to calm down. People scare me, why? I wanted change but this isn't what I want. holy shit I'm scared.

ouran goes "aww"
So, my depression is going away. Post SMTOWN concert depression, that is, haha. I'm feeling better now. I was feeling quite horrible for a couple of days, but I think I'm healing now XDD

I've been trying to post (or at least finish) this fanaccount for some time now. This has been sitting in my notepad for like a week :p

not much of a fanaccount though, just a whooole lots of opinions. and some pictures :D VERY LONG entry under cutCollapse )

I had sooo much fun. I came for SNSD but I enjoyed everyone's performances. I would definitely go to another SMTOWN NY (or better yet, Boston :p) and getting a closer seat next time.

Maybe SNSD will even come to promote their album.. in which case I'll definitely get floor seats :D

I can't help but hate the kpop fandom though the whole time. LOLOL not hate, just envy. I mean, these idols aren't too unreachable, at all. I only got into SNSD not too long ago and here I am already having the experience of seeing them LIVE.

You can take their pictures, fancams, hence make GIFs of fancams. They have concerts here in the US, and even free ones (that one in NJ?)

...meanwhile my poor Arashi fandom T___T I couldn't even catch their commercial in Times Square. Will there ever be a time I be hysterical like that girl who screamed her heart out when SHINee came out? Johnny's need to follow suit dammit!! ...but perhaps I will rant about this on a whole seperate entry.

I'll resume my real life now. Wait, I have been doing that already T_T
29th-Aug-2011 01:17 pm - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUN!!
we are cool!
This calls for a gifspam!!Collapse )

So how is everyone? I've been so busy blogging at tumblr I totally have no idea what to post here :p I mean, I haven't even wrote that gantz review I've been wanting to do D: I'll get to it, for my own sake, before the end of the year :D

arashi loves rainbows
I planned this to be a gigantic post filled with Beautiful World review ramblings, GANTZ PERFECT answer, and real life happenings. But my online time has been cut short immensely from previous times, due to such RL events, that it even took me in the span of 3 days to write this post. So everything else will have to come later otherwise I'd never be able to post this :p 

Rock this

Am I hearing this right? The first line ever.. "(laughs) oh my god XD" I think it's pretty safe to say that almost of all the tracks I didn't like at first (except a few which I'll mention later ;p) This is so the case with this one. But I've come to like this song! I've always liked it when all members rap <3 Ohno's rap parts are always the most amusing though XD And you can just tell this is gonna be the perfect song for their concert opening. I like BNMF's Movin On too but I thought as the show opening it was kind of a miss. Anyway, it will forever remind me of this:
read more of me rambling :DCollapse )

Okay, now that it's out of the way I will read my flist's posts soon! So sorry I've only scanned through some of it ^^;;
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